January 2014 (Church of Christ Primary, Regent Village)
Before 2012 we had a lot of problems, one of  the outstanding and symbolic positive impacts that Action4schools Sierra Leone have created is that it has given life to the educational system in our communities and given hope to the hopeless communities, by  providing  all what it’s takes  for our schools to be called good schools.

Now we have a positive and peaceful environment, teachers are sent to college to better their qualifications and much more. Action4schools Sierra Leone, has created a lot of positive in the lives of the pupils, parents, communities and the village. Before 2012, we had a lot of problems, but as for now, there  has been great improvement, we are now have improved toilet facilities, improved school building, light facility, teaching and learning materials, training of teachers, sports items and many more, we even have clean, safe water to drink! Church of Christ Primary and others are now top class and it all  came about because of your timely intervention. Long live action 4schools !

Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Philip Foday Sesay, Head Teacher, Church of Christ, Regent Village

April 2014 (Heaven Homes Water Well, Newton)
Before ActionforSchools, the children of Heaven Homes Primary School had water brought in from a nearby stream for drinking and washing their hands.

Though we provided food on a daily basis, we did not have sufficient resources to provide a bore hole.  Therefore there was always a risk that the children might fall sick from the water. The new borehole has given ‘life’ to the children..it came at a crucial and vital time in the development of our project. Thank you to Action4schools and all those that are supporting your work, you are making a huge difference.
Kippy Agyei – Founder “Heaven Homes”
January 2015 (Reference Yele Project)
I can’t express how much I’m happy over the news. I’m a native of Gbonkolenken Chiefdom and I feel very proud to see my home benefit from this project. Educating the kids of the community means tackling the problem of the huge amount of illiterates  in the Chiefdom and even the country as a whole. The availability of the infrastructure and the means for learning forms part of, if not the main challenge for our communities in relation to education.

Thank you very much for considering us and may you achieve your goal. Gbonkolenken will always be grateful and proud of you.

Regards, Malcolm (NAMATI Sierra Leone)

January 2015 (Reference Yele Project)
I’m a native of Yele and I’m very happy to hear this good news. The schools there are in very bad shapes and the learning environment for the kids in the schools are very bad. Thanks very much such for a wonderful assistance to my home. I was there on the 2nd and 3rd of January and got the news but it wasn’t clear who was bringing such assistance.

Best, Daniel (NAMATI Sierra Leone)