• DSC_1587

    Bayside teachers supported the event early in the morning - thank you !

  • DSC_1583

    Great support from Bayside teachers !

  • DSC_1586

    The event kicked off at 8.00am and finished at 8.00pm ! 12 hours non stop running and spinning !

  • DSC_1593

    Great support from the LOL Productions team.

  • DSC_1591

    Every half hour slot raised at least £10 - thank you !

  • DSC_1598

    Spin, spin, spin !!

  • DSC_1599

    Staff from the Department of Education and the University of Gibraltar joined in too !

  • DSC_1601

    Mums and children running for charity !

  • DSC_1605

    Nice t-shirt !

  • DSC_1607

    Great support from staff from the Ministry of Business and Employment

  • DSC_1609

    Spin, spin, spin !

  • DSC_1613

  • DSC_1615

    Neil Costa Minister for Business & Employment together with Paul Costa, Trustee

  • DSC_1616

    Run, run, run!

  • DSC_1617

    Spin, spin, spin !

  • DSC_1622

    Staff from the University of Gibraltar - great support !

  • DSC_1625

  • DSC_1627

  • DSC_1629

  • DSC_1631

    Special thanks go to our main sponsors GIBCARGO, ROBVIA & GIBTELECOM

  • DSC_1633

    Great team work!

  • DSC_1635

  • DSC_1636

  • DSC_1641

  • DSC_1643

  • DSC_1645

  • DSC_1652

  • DSC_1653

  • DSC_1657

  • DSC_1673

    Happy runners !

  • DSC_1677

    Spin, spin, spin !

  • DSC_1682

    And on, and on and on....

  • DSC_1688

    Gibraltar College students supported the event too ! Thank you !!

  • DSC_1694

    Kids4kids Project !

  • DSC_1699

    Spin, spin, spin !

  • DSC_1702

    Kids4kids project! Youngsters supported the event, well done !

  • DSC_1703

    Young runners aged between 7 and 9 joined in the fun!

  • DSC_1744

    Kids4kids Project! The youngsters enjoyed the treadmills

  • DSC_1707

  • DSC_1713

  • DSC_1715

    Some runners where on the treadmills for more than an hour ! Well done ! Great effort !

  • DSC_1720

    Spin, spin, spin !

  • DSC_1725

    Jimmy Bruzon & David Deardon had visited Sierra Leone in 2012 and participated in the country's first marathon.

  • DSC_1728

    Father & Daughter !

  • DSC_1736

    Spin, spin, spin !

  • DSC_1742

    Jimmy Bruzon Charity Chairman and Founder on the treadmill doing a slot

  • DSC_1765

    Co-foudners and charity trustees, Jimmy, Nadine, John and Paul (missing Lloyd who was away from Gibraltar)

  • DSC_1782

    Shyanne Azopardi, Miss Gibraltar 2014 and friends

  • DSC_1713

  • DSC_1684

  • DSC_1784

  • DSC_1786

    Great support from Bayside students

  • DSC_1788

    Thank you Bayside !

  • DSC_1789

    Bayside student showing off the sponsors !

  • DSC_1790

    Great support from Bayside students

  • DSC_1791

    Great support from Bayside students

  • DSC_1800

    Great support from Bayside students

  • DSC_1802

    Great support from Bayside students

  • DSC_1805

    Great support from Bayside students

  • DSC_1808

    Chris on his bike !

  • DSC_1811

    Thanks to everyone for making this a day to remember ! Great team work !

  • DSC_1815

    Special thanks to Dani from Redwood who made it all possible

  • DSC_1820

    Cheque presentation at the Ministry for Business and Employment, a cheque for £550 was presented by Minister Neil Costa and the staff in aid of our water well appeal. Thank you !

  • Eroski £1000 October 2015 - Copy

    Eroski donated £1000 towards the water well appeal and are fantastic all year long supporters - Thank You Eroski !

  • Cheque Presentation Chronicle

    The treadmill event made the news !

  • Chronicle 3rd Nov 2015 - Copy

    Chronicle 3rd November 2015

Treadmill-Spinning 12 Hour Marathon 25th October 2015

Treadmill & Spinning Event 25th October” Raised £5211 !

We held a very successful 12 hour marathon event at Morrisons on Sunday 25th October 2015

Miss Gibraltar 2014 Shyanne Azopardi, Claire Nunez and friends joined the fun and helped to raise funds for our school projects!

Miss Gibraltar 2014 Shyanne Azopardi, Claire Nunez and friends joined the fun and helped to raise funds for our school projects!

We would like to thank everyone who participated on the treadmills and the spinning bikes and to the following sponsors and supporters:

Calpe Rowing Club
Gib Cargo
Trident Freight
Bayside School Teachers and Year 12 & 13 Students
Gibraltar College Students
Staff at the Ministry of Business & Employment

Thank you for making a difference, we will provide two new water wells to needy schools in the coming months !

More details on our water well projects here http://www.action4schools.gi/water-well-projects2/