In Gibraltar our main charity partners are the Lions Club of Gibraltar and Rotary Club of Gibraltar who have over the years contributed various amounts towards our school and water projects in Sierra Leone


Water4Foundation – Willamette International – USA
Willamette International have provided all of the water wells for our school projects, the first well was provided in May 2013 at the Kabala Amputee Camp school, since then they have provided water wells in many different locations bringing safe, clean water to thousands in Freetown, Kaningo, Regent, Newton, Port Loko, Magbenhi, Makeni, Kenema, Bo, Waterloo, Brookfields, Yele and at many other locations. You can view all our water well projects here:

Masanga Hospital
Masanga Hospital – Healthcare, Education, Research
Masanga Hospital are a foundation hospital and provide much needed health care in rural Sierra Leone. We sponsored our first ever hernia operation at the hospital in January 2022 and by the end of 2022 we had funded around 100 patients’ operations.  We will continue to partner Masanga Hospital bringing relief and joy to children that have medical needs !

WellFound Charity UK
We funded 2 water wells in Moyomba, Scarborough Chiefdom on behalf of WellFound in 2020, then funded 3 wells in Moyamba in 2021 and a further 10 wells in Moyamba during 2022.

Wild Geese Foundation – Netherlands
We received news in October 2014 news that our application to the Dutch Wilde Geese Foundation (  for funding in a joint project proposal done with Dutch NGO Smarter Hospital was approved. This will make it possible for us to refurbish five primary schools in Yele village in the heart of rural Sierra Leone. The project will include the provision of latrines, sports equipment, school items, new water wells and the construction of two new school buildings. View photos of some of the Yele schools that benefited from this project here:

Smarter Hospital – Netherlands
We worked closely with this hospital in 2013 by providing medical assistance to a child that needed an operation. The child required plastic surgery and plastic surgeons from Doctors of the World (Netherlands) performed the operation in November 2013 which was a success.

Spanish Red Cross & Medicos del Mundo – Spain
The country delegates assisted in the early stages of our work and became the link between the charity in Gibraltar and the schools that we supported.

Street Child – UK
In March 2012 we funded two schools which were built in Komoya and Bendugu in the Tambakha region by Street Child.

EducAid – UK
This British NGO has been working in Sierra Leone since 2000, they have built and run five free schools in Maronka, Rogbere, Lumley, Magbeni and Rolal. EducAid started their teacher training “Quality Enhancement Programme” (QEP) in  2012. We provided teacher training for all of the Regent Village Primary schools through EduAid’s QEP during early 2014 and provided them with water wells at a number of their schools.

Heaven Homes Orphanage Primary School (UK)
A UK charity which runs a free primary school called “Heaven Homes” in Newton Village. We provided a new bore hole water well for the school in 2014 and we also built a home for ebola orphans during early 2015.

Because International – The Shoe That Grows Project
Millions of children in Sierra Leone either do not have shoes to wear at all or wear the incorrect type and size shoes and this has obvious and long lasting negative effects. We teamed up with US NGO “Because International” and provided 60 pairs of shoes to shoes to Heaven Homes during 2017. More information on the especially designed shoes that we provided can be found here:

The shoes that grows is a special hard wearing sandal that can be adjusted with the use of special fasteners and Velcro straps so that the child using it can continue using it as the feet grow !

Community Empowerment Support Organisation (CESO) is based in UK and supports the Ivor Leigh Memorial School in Kaningo. Our charity supported this school in 2017 by providing a new 5000 litre water tanker and hand washing facilities.

Makombeh Foundation Netherlands
We funded a water well in Makombeh village , that this Dutch NGO supports. The village has around 700 inhabitants and 200 pupils attend their only school which was provided with a water well in July 2020

Home Leone
Home Leone
Home Leone are close partners and we support their building projects and help where we can with any medical cases that need health care.