Individual Sponsors

Personal Sponsorship
You want to help, you want to support, you want to get involved but you just don’t have the time? You can still make a difference even if you have no time to dedicate to fundraising or other activities. Please consider setting up a monthly standing order to bring positive change to the lives of many poor children.

We encourage everyone to support financially, funding is what turns the hope of a better future into reality. No funding = no action = no progress.

£5 every week, the cost of a roll and a coffee will mean that you will have purchased a power generator for one of our schools.  The money given out on a monthly basis will not have an impact on our lifestyles but it will definitely have a significant positive impact on the lives of many children, 100% guaranteed.

Want to do some “action4schools”? Don’t delay, do it now…..

Standing Order Flyer 2015

Our bank details:
Bank                    : NatWest, Gibraltar
Account No.      : 48084352
Sort Code           : 60-60-60

Lets make the world that little bit better for those in need, lets do it through action. Even small efforts will mean great progress. 100% guaranteed. Please help us provide solid buildings, safe water, sanitation and very importantly, teacher training for the staff to improve the level of education.

Please include your name and a telephone on the bank standing order as a reference or e-mail us on to confirm the standing order has been set up so that we can track the payments.

Thank you for caring and especially thank you for “doing”