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    Great support !!!

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    Thank you !!

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    Some participants did slots on the treadmill and bike !!

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    Minister Neil Costa did an hour on the treadmill ! Great support !

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    Fantastic turnout ! Thank you !

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    Great team work !

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    On the bikes !!

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    Run.. run.. run... !

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    The trustees are very grateful to everyone that volunteered time and effort !

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    Great support from Bayside Comprehensive again this year ! Thank you !!

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    Thank you Bayside !!

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    Thank you Bayside !!

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    Thank you Bayside !!

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    Thank you John.. great support !!

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    Spin... spin... spin !!!!

  • darren-grech

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    Thank you to Golf Experience for donating a weekend away, Star of India for donating a hamper and Gibmaroc for donating a hamper too !

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    Thank you Peter, great support and always fantastic to have you as part of the action4schools team !

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    Thank you to the sponsors for their support !

Treadmill & Spinning Marathon 2016 (Water Well Appeal)

Shyanne Azzopardi & Claire Nunez supporting "action4schools" again this year!

Shyanne Azzopardi & Claire Nunez supporting “action4schools” again this year!

Our annual treadmill & spinning marathon was held at Morrisons on Saturday 17th September and it proved a huge success. Participants donated £10 per half hour slot and together we managed to raise just over £2800

Special thanks go to our sponsors who supported the event :

Barton Surveyors
Golf Experience
Specialist Medical Clinic
Star of India
Trident Freight

Thank you  everyone for supporting this event and helping raise enough funds to provide a new water well to a needy school in Sierra Leone ! If you want to make a regular difference please consider setting up a monthly standing order… bank details follow….


Account Number: 48084352
Sort Code 60-60-60

Your support will make a difference 100% guaranteed !