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    October 2020 - The St Charles Compound include a nursery, REC primary, Junior Secondary School and Senior Secondary School (built by Action4schools during 2021). The football and sports playing field project would change so many lives !

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    October 2020 - The football and sports play field will bring life to the community and much needed space for exercise for the many children that attend schools in Regent

  • Regent Primary 29

    Team visit during May 2012 - we took football kits from Gibraltar teams and played a friendly match

  • Regent Primary 25

    It is shame but there are no sports classes due to lack of a sport ground and resources.

  • Regent Primary 26

    A football pitch and sports ground would transform Regent village and the children would benefit so much from this project.

  • Regent Primary 27

    Children deserve better, they deserve to play and enjoy themselves.

  • Regent Primary 39

    They love football !

  • Regent Primary 5

    Football kit from St Joseph's Football Club, Gibraltar

  • Regent Primary 6

    Football kit from St Joseph's Football Club, Gibraltar

  • Regent Primary 140

    It was great to visit the REC Primary school

  • Regent Primary 42

    Team talk !

  • Regent Primary 43

    The children love football !

  • Regent Primary 144

    Regent Primary school Team photo !

  • Regent Primary 62

    St Joseph's Football team with Alland Hernandez

  • Regent Primary 63

    Lincoln Red Imps with Mark Dellipiani and Alland Hernandez

  • Regent Primary 64

    Great match, great teams !

  • Regent Primary 65

    Great match, great teams !

  • Regent Primary 66

    Great match, great teams !

  • Regent Primary 161

    Jimmy Bruzon - May 2012

  • Regent Primary 151

    Harry Pallas and Mark Dellipiani - May 2012

  • Regent Primary 24

    Would be amazing to transform this field and the lives of the children !

Football Field and Sport Ground (Regent Village)

For many years children attending schools in Regent Village have had to travel long distances to play any type of sports, they have to travel to a sport area which is 1 hour away and have few means to get there. We have been asked to look into the possibility of building a football field and general sports ground in an area located behind REC Primary school.

There are over 2000 children attending various nearby schools, the area includes REC Primary school (500+), Church of Christ school (600+), Young Christian Women Association Nursery (100+), Junior Secondary school (400+) and the future Senior Secondary school (200+) and we therefore feel that investing in the provision of sports facilities will greatly enhance the general health and well being of the many hundreds of students that attend these school as well as other in the area.

At the moment the field is used by some children to play ad hoc football but nothing else and the children have to travel very far away (1 hour away) to play any sorts of sports such as football, running/athletics, basketball or volleyball. There are no formal sports classes in the schools at Regent due to lack of proper facilities or equipment.

If we provide a proper sports ground it will transform the community, the children of Regent  deserve better and they deserve to be able to play….

Photo taken during May 2012 during our team visit to Regent Village

May 2012 - Action4schools team visited REC Primary and played a friendly match in the rugged field.

May 2012 – Action4schools team visited REC Primary and played a friendly match in the rugged field.

The field is large and investing in this project would bring much joy and fulfilment to the children of Regent Village …

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