St Anne’s Middle School


Pupils at St Anne’s Middle School did a 40 minute sponsored jog on Friday 4th April 2014 and raised over £1,400 for our school projects, well done !! Its great to see “students4students” in action !

Raising awareness

One of our core aims is to raise awareness of the needs that many children in Sierra Leone face each day and how students in Gibraltar can bring about “positive change through positive action”

We have done various presentations at Bayside Boys Comprehensive, Westside Girls Comprehensive and at the Gibraltar College of Further Education.

Bayside Comprehensive Boys School Support:

A group of boys and teachers participated in the Morrisons treadmill & spinning marathon in October 2013, the event raised over £4,700. Students and staff also supported the chocolate santa campaign and raised over £300 for our school projects.

Westside Comprehensive Girls School Support:

A group of GCSE students held a party at the end of the 2013 term and raised £500 for our schools projects.

Gibraltar Students Association (GSA)

Summer 2013: The GSA held an end of term party at the end of their school year and donated £650 towards our schools projects.

Christmas 2013: The GSA held various parties over the Christmas period and donated £1000 towards our schools projects.

Primary & Middle Schools

Chocolate santas & Easter Bunnies campaigns


Please contact us on info@action4schools.gi or phone 57631000 if your school would like to support our work or you would like us to visit to do a presentation.